european designed and tested

The Quantum Pro Hockey applications are developed and tested in an advanced technology facility working in the areas of distributed embedded systems, data analytics, and cloud networking. Quantum incubates cutting edge research while applying the very best software engineering practices. What gets our pulse racing? Tackling big challenges that professional hockey has requested and seeing them transformed into impactful product features.

Having key development located in Europe is another big benefit for us. Given the rich industrial environment which surrounds unmakes us uniquely positioned to use our incubations in real life game scenarios.


What is kuru innovative technologies?

Kuru innovative technologies is a cloud-based platform that provides hockey organizations the ability to collect all of their data in one place and use it to provide personalized experiences to them, simplifying your complex sports technology environment. The components work together to aggregate game, team and player data and provide data intelligence. 

Redefining the future of data impact to teams and leagues. 

Using patented technology,  game, team and player data Kuru imports the data into complex algorithms producing analytical graphics and reports to assist Hockey Operations coaches and management.


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