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Track and calculate over 420 stats including: 

  • Team, player and cumulative statistics
  • Individual player career reports
  • Shot charts including on-ice and in-goal detail
  • Scoring, shooting, goaltending, special teams and face-off’s
  • Create and print Reports by team, multiple-team, individual player, career, many more.

Reports and summaries are recorded which can be published quickly and easily. With the reports teams are able to make quick analyses of the game at any time. 

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​Tracking shots and attempts in a multi-dimensional view

seQuence Score is a real-time professional hockey statistics program. The system is operable on a tablet, allowing the saving of new stats quickly and  reliably. It takes two to three people to collect the data, depending on what is being recorded. It has developed and markets a unique electronic recording, distribution and publishing technology for team sports. 

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