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“With Quantum Pro Hockey's seQuence TOI we can actually see real-time information on the utilization of our players during games.
The system brings professional benefits for coaching" - Juha Junno, CEO of Oulun Kärpät of the Finnish Ice Hockey League

time-on-ice data WAs never 100% accurate - until now

The time ice hockey players spend on ice is crucial information for coaches during games, especially when a team is playing with high utilization of its key players. Reliable and real-time statistics on the game is one of the key enablers for developing the efficiency of the team. However, until recently the time on ice has mostly been monitored and manually recorded by human observers only.

As a result, providing team management with accurate and timely information has often been a challenge. Quantum Pro Hockey, formerly Pro Hockey Vision is a company that specializes in building analytics and electronic recording solutions for professional hockey. A real-time-on-ice system seQuence TOI which utilizes passive UHF RFID technology to accurately track players during a game. It measures the ice-time of each player with the help of a small RFID label attached to a players' sock. The system measures average shift length, number of changes and total ice-time too. Coaches or other users of the system can perform various searches based on ice-time and scored goals.

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